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Snowy Maine.

The semester is coming to a close.  Another semester of graduate school has come an gone.  It has flown by….even as week after week I found myself exhausted from juggling one too many items in my life.

My classes seemed to overlap and intertwine as the semester went along.  While they were three distinctly separate courses, I found ways to apply knowledge from one class to another and with hope that knowledge will extend beyond my graduate education.

I’m an older graduate student – so I have been out in the work force for many years.  My undergraduate degree and subsequent schooling was not just yesterday.  I know what I want to do in my life and what I don’t want to do.  I had a different career path and I’m ready to take on my new career with optimism and a sense of accomplishment.

Bringing my life experience to the classroom and my studies gives me a perspective I wouldn’t have had I done this in my early twenties.  Thank you for another great semester!

And as a side note, I still am missing the east coast and a snowy winter…