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Is it possible to go through our days without checking-in, searching, tweeting, updating, Facebooking, or instagraming? Are we capable of simply carrying out our life activities without notifying, alerting, and sharing?

I’ll admit – there are many times during the day when I check my phone, check-in, search, and tweet.  Often times I’m a lunch, on a break, or standing in line somewhere.

Today’s consumers have a tendency to learn about food from the experiences of others around them than from the brands themselves.  This constant communication enabled by social media has allowed the eating process to be a bit more intimate.

Currently 49% of consumers interviewed by The Hartman Group learn about food through social media networks.  The food-centric Americans turn to social technology to satiate their eating habits.  The millennials take the lead for the generation that texts and tweets while they eat.

As social media technology advances, I’m curious to see how this will continue to affect the way we communicate with each other about our eating experiences.  Will we forget to be social and interact personally?  Or will technology take over all social aspects of dining?  Only time will tell.