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Facebook rolled out its Photo Sync yesterday, Friday, November 30.

Facebook was already taking in millions and millions of images a day and I’m sure with this new program that will dramatically increase.

I saw the banner asking me if I wanted to “Get Started” with the Photo Sync process.  I immediately declined.  Enabling the photo sync would automatically upload every photo I take, store them, allow me to easily select which ones I want to share, and apply tags automatically with approval.

I’m not a big fan of this option and my reasons for declining it are simple.  I want to have control over which images go from my phone to Facebook.  I can make those decisions myself, without the aid of Facebook. I like thinking before I post anything to Facebook, especially when it comes to images.  I like the control and discipline of not posting whatever without intent behind it.

I will maintain my level of control over my images Facebook.  Thank you very much.