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Have I mentioned that I love stories?  I love storytelling.  I enjoy the process.  It’s where I can engage, learn, and connect with another individual, product, brand, or service.

Sometimes storytelling comes in a variety of formats.  Sometimes it is a non-verbal process through a series of images.  Sometimes it’s through telling and others are through listening.

I am a big fan of NPR.  I spend a lot of time with NPR as I sit in traffic.  It’s how I engage, listen, deal, motivate, learn, understand while I sit in traffic.  Some of the stories I listen to enrage me, other’s motivate and make me feel better, while other’s dig deep and hit a very emotional spot for me.  Storytelling is effective.

The Moth


In both my graduate seminar on entertainment and my social media marketing classes there has been lectures and discussions on stories and the act of storytelling.   Discussions and lectures on storytelling have been approached at different angles, with the same end result.  It’s a way to connect and engage with your target audience.

I think of brands, products, and services with this same type of storytelling power.  I feel a connection to them.  I am more likely to want to spend my money with a business whom I connect with.