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I am pretty sure I have mentioned numerous time that I am a big fan of pictures.  I am a visual personal.  I often view my world in terms of what would look great in a photo.

I only recently started using Instagram.  Part of me really enjoys using it, but another part of me feels like I’m cheating on my camera.  It’s so simple and easy to use Instagram, as well as the editing options.

Instagram is a rising start in the social media world.  We are a visual world, grounded by the signs that surround us.  With the Semiotic Theory, formulated in the 19th Century by Swiss Linguist, Ferdinand de Saussiere and American Philosopher Charles Sanders Pierce.  Semiotics is the study of signs.  A sign is an object, sound, or action that stands for something else, including objects and concepts.  Photos and photojournalism exists to produce “natural” sign events.

Using Instagram as part of a social media marketing platform can assist your brand, product, or service in sharing it with your target audience.  Instagram offers a creative way to reach out.  Everything from behind the scenes to sneak peaks of new releases of your product, brand, or service in action can be portrayed in images and easily shared.

Instagram offers an abundance of ways to visually share and market your product.