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Since the start of graduate school in the Fall of 2011, there has been no time to pursue my passion:  photography.  It’s my safe place, my form of relaxation, my escape, a way for me to relax, and a way for me to express myself.

I was looking through photos of mine today and discovered this image:


This is an image of my friend’s children at a BBQ we attended before I left Maine.

With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, cell phones, texting – – do we ever take the time to shut everything down and be present?  Do we take the time to communicate with each other face to face anymore?

I love the ability to communicate with friends and family that are far away, as well as friends that are near by.  I love how instant it is.  I love the immediacy of it.  But, I’m reminded as the semester starts to take off in full force – I need to step back, be simple, and be present.