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In my graduate seminar class, we have been discussing humor and the role it plays  in branding and social media.  As human beings, we love a good laugh.  It resonates with us.  It connects individuals on an emotional level.

Humor allows companies to be more human-like in their interactions.  This type of interaction can take a brand or company from being distant and not relatable to something a bit closer to our own reality.

Comedy can take the edge off intense/stressful/serious moments through advertising, movies, real life, and television shows.  There’s a lot of serious moments in life and humor can be therapeutic in some settings, taking the heaviness out of the situation.

The ability to think outside of the box will help your brand stand out in the chaotic world of social media. When appealing to your target audience, it is important to create work that creates a memorable connection.

While humor can be extremely effective, it is  important to be mindful of the risk involved. Humor can go a long way with brands, it can also backfire.  It has been suggested that testing with internal groups prior to going live to prevent any potential backlash.

In this article from February 2011, there is a list of Branding Gone Bad: http://www.bschool.com/blog/2011/branding-gone-bad-10-most-ill-advised-ads-of-all-time/

Being mindful of success using humor, Hubspot article looks at “14 Funny Brands You Can’t Help But Follow in Social Media”.


One of my favorite commercials that combines humor with storytelling is the Toyota Sienna commercials from several years.  It take humor and mirth and reaches out to its target audience with success.

Knowing when, where, why and how to use humor in your social media platforms can be the difference in your success in connecting to your target audience.