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Quality vs. Quantity.  Value vs. Volume.  While math is certainly not my forte, these equations are ones I can wrap my head around.

If one Facebook page has 10,000 fans versus another that only has 1,000, is the business with 10,000 more successful?  

Are your thousands of followers or fans a sign of success?  Do these numbers translate into dollar signs?  In Brian Solis’ article, “A Facebook Like Does Not Equal an Opt-in”, he addresses several issues that Facebook marketers and strategists universally deal with.  http://www.briansolis.com/2012/06/a-facebook-like-does-not-equal-an-opt-in/

Solis explores the difference between a social brand and and social business.  Is your business able to use the benefits of social media to transform its business into a success?  A successful social business can be a direct result of social technologies transforming and improving aspects of the company.

Is there a way to capture the intent of the visitor, fan, or commenter on your social media platform.  Rather than assuming that a “Like” on Facebook is a sign of numbers in your community, it is important to continually engage with your customers.  Solis states that “…Likes are a form of social currency and their value goes up and down with each engagement.”  Focusing on engagement can increase the involvement of your fan base.

Ultimately, social media needs to connect back to business objectives.  In order to find success in social media platforms, such as Facebook, businesses need to understand where they currently are, what their goals are, and how to track the connection between the number of likes and interaction and an actual behavior.