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I am a photo snob.  I will fully admit it.  Between my film and digital photography training – the way I view images have changed over the years.  I am a big fan of quality over quantity.  With access to a variety of digital cameras in all sorts of formats, everyone is a photographer, on some level.

Instagram.  While I prefer film, I’ll admit it – I like Instagram.  Using images over words to share thoughts and ideas is an ideal format, in my mind.

Instagram is more than just taking and sharing photos.  It allows us to look at the world in a slightly different format.  Not only does it provide the context of our daily interactions, but it allows us to create memories.  As Instagram has become integrated into social media, it allows marketers an opportunity to leverage the visual power of their brand.

In Jason A. Howie’s article, “Using Instagram for Social Media” on http://www.socialmediatoday.com, he touches on 9 key points in marketing with Instagram.

1)  Don’t rely just on Instagram

2)  Involve your community

3)  Let your community see behind the curtain

4) Let your employees be involved

5)  Popular hashtags on Instagram are dead

6) Create your own hashtag and engage people that use it

7)  Geo-tag Instagram Photos

8)  Find the perfect timing

9) Play with your photos


Pictures really are worth a thousand words.  What do your images say about you?  What do they say about your brand?  Are you involving the community?  Are you involving your employees?

Route 66 Sky – Kingman, Arizona

Red Rocks – Sedona, Arizona